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Len Blumin Bird Identification Quiz

Birders like to challenge themselves, first to find our elusive and often cryptic targets, and then to identify the species. Meryl Sundove has written some interesting textual challenges for Marin Audubon's newsletter, the Clapper Rail, where she provides the reader with a series of clues that eventually lead to the ID. Thought I might do something similar with this bird from our recent Yuba Pass Trip. Photo first, then the clues:

Scroll down the clues slowly, and try to get the answer before the last ones!

It's a rear view of course.









The downy feathers visible on the right suggest that it is a juvenile, which it is.









The bird appears to be most gray, except for some white-tipped feathers (?coverts).








The adult bird is virtually entirely gray.









Yes, the tail is very short.









The bird is always found near water.









The bird has no close relatives in the United States.








The bird spends time in the water. In fact this passerine (perching bird) spends more time in the water than a lot of water birds!

For side view and ID (for you non-birders) click here!


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