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 Harry Fuller, with binoculars, in Rome  After birding a number of parts of Europe, TOWHEE.NET has a collection of notes and some advice on where to go and what to look for.  This is only a personal supplement to the many fine books and online guides that already exist.   For Americans, Harry Fuller is publishing a series of pieces in the American Birding Association's Winging It.  They're on convenient, good birding spots in some of Europe's main cities.   We can provide you tips on what you can find in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, Rome, Frankfurt, Estonia, southern Spain, the Greek Islands and other interesting birding spots.   Just email your questions.

In this section (most recent first):

Same Bird, Different Names - August 2006

Petals on the Metal - London, April 2006

The Loire and Lord of the Air - Spring 2006 (uploaded September 2006)

Thick-knees - August 2005, near Rutland, UK (uploaded September 2006)

Park Life, London - August 2005

 Birding at Chateau Vincennes, Paris  Clear Island, County Cork - April 2005

Snow Birds - March 2005

Vondelpark, Amsterdam - A green respite for birders

Whistling in the Dark - Fox and birds, London and Bosham, December 2004

Stranger in a Farne Land - Puffins and others in the Farne Islands

Albion Autumn - A birding walk in London, October 2004

September in Denmark - September 2004

Rye Bred and Dutch Treats - Rye again, and Amsterdam birds

Bird Sounds

Farne Islands, England - National Nature Reserve, famous for seabirds

Rye and Rhine - South coast of England, and river birds in Germany

 Jackdaw perching on bikes (photographer Harry Fuller)  Lesvos, Greece - A week in April 2004

January, London - A birding walk in January 2004

September, London - A birding walk in September

Kent Birding - Bird list, November 9-10 2002


TOWHEE.NET:  Harry Fuller, 820 NW 19th Street, McMinnville, OR 97128