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 Black Phoebe (photograph Calvin Lou)  Here is some information to help you plan your birding in the area near San Francisco.   The region includes such fine birding spots as Monterey Bay, Elkhorn Slough, Pt. Reyes National Seashore, Bolinas Lagoon, Bodega Bay and the Sacramento River Valley.   There are many species of limited range that found around San Francisco, but are rare in the city itself.   Central California has a wide variety of climates and habitats in a relatively compact area and thus has a rich variety of bird species.

Regional Specialties - a comprehensive bird list

Bay Area Christmas Bird Counts 1990-1999

 Wrentit (photograph: Len Blumen)  Spring Day on Mines Road

January in the Delta: Swans, Cranes, Life and Death

Barrels and Bluebirds: Birding at the Fetzer Winery

Ides of March

Birding from San Francisco to Oregon (added July 2006, updated June 2007)

A Shearwater Pelagic (added August 2006)

New Bird in Town: Eurasian Collared-Doves (added September 2006, updated July 2010)

 Cinnamon Teal;  photo by May & Godwin Woon  Sandhill Cranes (added January 2007)

Sequoia Audubon Society, San Mateo County (external link, added March 2007) .

Arrowhead Marsh, Martin Luther King Jr. Shoreline (added April 2007)

Bay Area Christmas Bird Counts: Reading the Numbers (added April 2007)

Directions from Orinda to Woodbridge Road (added April 2007)

Klamath Knot: In search of the California Thrasher (added March 2008)

 Link to map of San Francisco area  Click on the thumbnail map for an enlarged map of the San Francisco area




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