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 Harry Fuller Birding Tours

Photos by May and Godwin Woon

1. Black-necked Stilt in flight, Bayside Sanitation, San Carlos.

2. Two Blue-winged Teal males in center, flanked by Cinnamon Teal. Bayside Sanitation, San Carlos.

3. Wilson's Snipe, San Joaquin County

4. Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Cosumnes Reserve

5. White Pelicans fishing

6. Gaggle: 2 Shoveler, 2 Greater yellowlegs, 1 female Cinnamon teal sleeping, 1 American Avocet

7. Marsh Wren, Lake Merced

8. Cinnamon Teal pair, Redwood Shores

9. Pintail pair

10. Common Yellowthroat, Cosumnes Reserve

11. Wood Duck pair

12. Audubon field trip at Merrie Way


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