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Glossary to Archaic Bird Names Found in old CBC Records (and other historic bird records)

Old name     Current name
American Scoter   Black Scoter
[Velvet Scoter in U.K.]
Ant-eating Woodpecker   Acorn Woodpecker
Arkansas Kingbird   Western Kingbird
Baird's Cormorant   Pelagic Cormorant
Baldpate   American Wigeon
Blue Bill   Ruddy Duck
Bonaparte's Sandpiper   White-rumped Sandpiper
Brown Towhee   California Towhee
Bull-bat   Common Nighthawk
Burion   House Finch
Cabani's Woodpecker   Hairy Woodpecker
Cackling Goose   Canada Goose
California Heron   Great Egret
California Linnet   House Finch
California Partridge   California Quail
California Woodpecker   Acorn Woodpecker
Canada Jay   Gray Jay
Chewink   Spotted Towhee
Common Snipe   Wilson's Snipe
[if it's in America; Common Snipe now just in Eurasia]
Desert Sparrow   Black-throated Sparrow
Duck Hawk   Peregrine Falcon
English Sparrow   House Sparrow
Farallon Cormorant   Double-crested Cormorant
Fish Hawk   Osprey
Gairdner Woodpecker   Downy Woodpecker
Goony   any albatross
Green-backed Goldfinch   Lesser Goldfinch
Holboell's Grebe   Horned Grebe
[Slavonian Grebe in U.K.]
Hudsonian Curlew   Whimbrel
Hutchin's Goose   Canada Goose
Jack Snipe   Wilson's Snipe
[Jack Snipe is a Eurasian species]
Little Brown Crane   Lesser Sanbhill Crane
Louisians Tanager   Western Tanager
Lutescent Warbler   Orange-crowned Warbler
Marsh Hawk   Northern Harrier
[Hen Harrier in U.K.]
[Belding] Marsh Sparrow   Savannah Sparrow
Meartns Quail   Montezuma Quail
Northern Phalarope   Red-necked Phalarope
Northwestern Crow   American Crow
[then Northwestern Crow again]
Nuttall's Poorwill   Common Poorwill
Oregon Chickadee   Black-capped Chickadee
Oregon Jay   Gray Jay
Oregon Towhee   Spotted Towhee
pewee   any phoebe or Wood-pewee
Pewit   wood-pewee
Pigeon Hawk   Merlin
Pileolated Warbler   Wilson's Warbler
Plumed Partridge   Mountain Quail
Razor-billed Auk   Razorbill
Red-backed Sandpiper   Dunlin
Red-bellied Hawk   Red-shouldered Hawk
Rivoli Hummingbird   Magnificent Hummingbird
Sage-hen   Sage Grouse
San Francisco Towhee   Spotted Towhee
Sea Parrot   any puffin
Seaside Sparrow   Savannah Sparrow
Sennett Thrasher   Long-billed Thrasher
Short-billed Gull   Mew Gull
[Common Gull in U.K.]
Slender-billed Nuthatch   White-breasted Nuthatch
Snowflake   Snow Bunting
Sparrow Hawk   American Kestrel
Tolmie's Warbler   Macgillivray's Warbler
Traill Flycatcher   Willow Flycatcher
Tule Goose   White-fronted Goose
Tule Wren   Marsh Wren
Valley Partridge   California Quail
Vigor's Wren   Bewick's Wren
Water Ouzel   American Dipper
Water Thrush   American Dipper
Whiskey Jack   Gray Jay
White-necked Raven   Chihuahuan Raven
White-bellied Swallow   Tree Swallow
Willow Goldfinch   American Goldfinch
Willow Woodpecker   Downy Woodpecker
Woodhouse Jay   Western Scrub-jay

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