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 Harry Fuller Birding Tours

An assortment of birds photographed in Oregon. All photos by Harry Fuller except the Spotted Sandpiper which is by Calvin Lou.

See also our Oregon Specialties page, and photos taken by Len Blumin and Alan Tobey during Four Days in May.

Cliff Swallow young, Howard Prairie   Vesper Sparrow, Howard Prairie   Bullock's Oriole nest   Newbry Park & Bear Creek, Talent, Oregon  Banded Pigeons   Juvenile Downy Woodpecker   Great Gray Owl, Hyatt Lake   Mountain Bluebird, Howard Prairie  Flicker expels Steller's Jay from feeder, Ashland  Evening Grosbeak female, Ashland Evening Grosbeak male, Ashland  Tree Swallow, Grizzly Peak   Lesser Goldfinch, female and male,our garden   Western Wood-pewee   Acorn Woodpecker, North Mountain Park, Ashland   Black-headed Grosbeak   Northern Rough-winged Swallow   Western Tanager, Bear Creek, Ashland  Fox Sparrow, sooty race, North Mountain Park, Ashland    Waxwings  Western Screech-owl, Lithia Park, Ashland   Pine Siskin, Sterling Creek Road, Jackson County   Kingbird  Western Screech Owl  Black Phoebe  White-faced Ibis   White Pelicans   Western Grebe   Female Black-headed Grosbeak takes flight   California Quail (male)   Common Yellowthroat (male)   Osprey with fish   Black Tern   Dark-eyed Junco  Steller's Jay  California Quail  One of those faux Mallards so common in city parks Orange-crowned warbler   Lark Sparrow   Yellow-headed Blackbird, Klamath Basin, Oregon   Wood ducks  Trumpeter Swan immature, Jackson County, Oregon  Merlin, Newbry Park, Talent   Steller's Jay  Lincoln Sparrow   Bushtit nest  Double-crested Cormorant colony, Hyatt Lake   Waxwing   American Goldfinches, Ashland

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