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Buller's Shearwater
Come along on a deepwater offshore trip in fall.
 Pelagic Cormorant (photographer Calvin Lou)  Ashy Storm-Petrel
can be found in late summer offshore from Monterey Bay.
Pelagic Cormorant
found in various spots near San Francisco. One sure location is around the mouth of Bodega Bay. Stays near open ocean, nesting on cliffs above the waves from Monterey County north.
White-faced Ibis
regular summer breeder in California's Central Valley.
Tundra Swan
abundant wintering bird in Central Valley.
abundant in Bodega Bay every winter.
Snow and Ross's Goose
can be found in wildlife preserves of the Upper Sacramento Valley every winter
Cinnamon Teal
common breeder in the marshes of Santa Clara County.
Barrow Goldeneye
regular wintering bird in small numbers in selected sites in the S.F. Bay Area.
 White-tailed Kite (photograph Calvin Lou)  White-tailed Kite
common year-round in the open grassy areas of coastal Marin County, north of S.F.
Ferruginous Hawk
year round in the Central Valley
California Quail
common in dry, brushy habitat
Mountain Quail
can be heard in the spring in upland, dry forests
Blue Grouse
can be heard in the spring in dense, damp forests
 Clapper Rail  (photographer Calvin Lou)  Clapper Rail
may be seen at very high tide in selected saltwater marshes in Santa Clara County
Black Rail
they are present and can be found with hard searching at high tide
Sandhill Cranes
thousands winter in the Central Valley, but this is not the Platte River
Mountain Plover
every winter a few stay on inland rolling grasslands of California
an early migrant, common along Central California coast in August
 Surfbird (photographer: Len Blumin)  Surfbird
This winter migrant comes down from the mountains of the far north to feed at sea level on the rocky coastline. Often found with turnstones.
This winter migrant comes down from the mountains of the far north to feed at sea level on the rocky coastline. Often found with turnstones.
Wilson's Phalarope
Mono Lake in August
Red Phalarope
pelagic bird, except following intense winter storm when they can be blown onshore
Red-necked Phalarope
regular late summer migrant along the coast
Jaegers & South Polar Skua
go pelagic
Least Tern
small breeding population in Alameda
 Black-necked Stilt (photographer Calvin Lou)  Black-necked Stilt
Common nester and year round resident of mudflats bordering the Bay
Marbled Murrelet
They're always hard to find, breed in the redwoods, feed far out to sea
Band-tailed Pigeon
diminishing, but still regular along the San Mateo coast
Mines Road, Alameda County
Burrowing Owl
has some remnant breeding grounds in Sacramento Valley
Black Swift
behind one waterfall near Mount Lassen
Acorn Woodpecker
in the oak woodlands
Lewis's Woodpecker
dry oak forests on Mount Hamilton or inland foothills woods
 Red-breasted Sapsucker (photographer: Calvin Lou)  Red-breasted Sapsucker
winters in San Francisco, breeds at moderate altitude in mixed forests. Common on Mount Ashland, Oregon.
Nuttall's Woodpecker
inland Alameda, Sonoma and Santa Clara Counties
White-headed Woodpecker
high forests in Oregon and California
Pacific Slope Flycatcher
coastal riparian habitat
Dusky Flycatcher
brushy, dry mountain slopes
Hammond's Flycatcher
moderate elevation, dense forest
Say's Phoebe
winters in San Francisco area where the land is open and the wind blows
Ash-throated Flycatcher
common breeding bird in open forests and grasslands
Gray Jay
dense coastal forests in Oregon
Clark's Nutcracker
dry inland mountain forests
Pinyon Jay
Mono Lake region
Yellow-billed Magpie
dry farmland and ranches in Central California
Violet-green Swallow
nests on forest edges
Mountain Chickadee
Mount Shasta, Mount Ashland
American Dipper
mountain streams, even in downtown Ashland, Oregon
coastal scrub, abundant in Marin and San Mateo
California Thrasher
riparian areas within dry hilly scrub land; found in San Mateo and Alameda Counties
Mines Road on Mount Hamilton
 Lazuli Bunting.  Photo: Len BluminLazuli Bunting
Inland parts of Marin and Sonoma in places where weedy fields border willow-lined streams
Hermit Warbler
hill forests with tall trees in northern California
Black-throated Gray Warbler
dry pine forests
Western Tanager
dry forests and riparian habitat
Golden-crowned Sparrow
common wintering bird in Central California's coastal woodlands
Tricolored Blackbird
nests in damp areas near livestock pastures
Cassin's Finch
high mountain evergreen forest


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